Sprint Collaboration Center

Great idea - meet your great new team.

At Sprint, we have an intense passion for helping you bring your emerging technology ideas to life. That's just one of many reasons why we created the Sprint Collaboration Center.

It's an unapologetic, get-things-done, fast-path-to-market, technology workshop. A place where you can surround yourself with top engineers, partners and equipment - all centered around providing the guidance and support you need to get your emerging technology idea from A to B, ASAP.

The Sprint Collaboration Center brings together Sprint partners, equipment providers, customers and employees to rapidly prototype, test and launch concepts and new ideas.

We have over a decade of experience in certifying non-Sprint branded devices on our network. During that time, we've developed emerging technology luminaries in almost every field of business - a development "A" team that offers the focused brainpower it takes to help you develop, certify and deploy solutions quickly.

So if you have a brilliant idea that demands to see the light of day right now, let us help you map out the most expedient route to success. Welcome to your workshop.

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    Featured Partner: Intel

    Find out how Sprint and Intel are developing "what's next" in emerging technology.
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Collaboration Partners
We have a vast ecosystem of partners who can help bring your emerging technology vision to life.
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